Oct 7 2008

Balcony beam end plates and foaming

balcony-beam-end-plate.jpg To make sure no moisture can get past the steels where they stick out of the house, we have cut back into the logs and put plenty of silicon around, before fitting these ply end plates.

 balcony-beam-end-plate-in-position-8th-sept.jpg These were given two coats of yatch varnish before installation and then sealed again with silicon. Then from the back we put closed cell can foam to fill up the hole in the log.

balcony-beam-minus-two.jpg We had to make sure that it filled around the steel beam everywhere to avoid any pockets where moisture could build up.

balcony-beam-insulation-five.jpg Then a few days after that we filled from the top so that the first two feet of steel inside the house lives in a bed of foam. We hope this will do the trick.

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