May 21 2008

Lightening Conductor

lightening.jpg Another thing to be fitted before the scaffold came down! 

This was quite a complex one. The stainless steel safety rail we made and put on the ridge of the house stuck out above the sedum roof, and with the house being in the middle of a field could have acted as an attraction for lightening. So we discussed the issue with a very helpful lightening conductor designer who told us what to do and what to use. So we have put two conductors, one at each end of the ridge, with one connected to the existing stainless steel safety rail with a further stainless strip. We could not use copper where there was any chance of it contacting the sedum as it would kill off the sedum roof covering we were told. So two neptune like forks at each end of the roof is what we have ended up with, plus 75mm square copper down to the ground where we have put more stainless rods into the ground. How many rods you need depends on the resitivity of the ground, which depends on whether it is sandy, clay or whatever.

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