Apr 14 2008

Sedum roof irrigation system clips

roof-irrigation-clips.jpgWe finally source some stainless steel clips to secure the irrigation pipes where they T off to go across the roof. As the irrigation system is buried under the sedum if a pipe came off it would not be good news. In front of the pipe is the stainless steel anti slip strip with it’s plastic saftey cover (to avoid standing on it!) removed. This digs into the sedum under fleece to stop it sliding down the roof.

A very good tip. Make sure your sedum irrigation system is well tested because when the sedum is installed, if the sedum is dry it can take 2 or more hours before you see any water coming off the roof because the sedum will absorb shed loads. If you don’t know if the system works properly you could get very worried waiting for the water to show. If like us you then leave it on overnight once the sedum is in place, such a long watering period means that even when you turn the irrigation system off, you will end up with the roof dripping down the guttering for up to a day! See later blog entries! 

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