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Nov 28 2008

Testing the roof safety system on the sedum roof


roof-safety-rail-and-line-12th-nov.jpg While we were up on the roof fixing the leak around the flue collar we used the safety line to secure to. This goes over the top of the roof and was secured to a fence post. The stainless steel bar along the top of the roof keeps the line off the sedum and the vertical bits at the end stop the rope letting you swing off the gable ends of the roof . Pleasing to see it works. We’ll tell you how we get the line on the roof soon too!

You can see our original log “mobile home” at the end of the rope too.

Apr 16 2008

Sedum Roof Safety System


roof-saftey-restraint-bar.jpgThe sedum roof will need annual “maintenance” to check that all plants are healthy and to remove any weed growth that might compete with the sedum. So to comply with the safe working at hieght directives we have fitted a guide to limit the movement of a safety line when people walk on the roof to do this work. This top rail can be fitted now the sedum in place. The sedum should grow to a height of 75-100mm so this will eventually be more concealed.