Sedum Roofs

roof-sedum-close-up.jpgBecause our house sits in a “parkland” setting, surrounded by native species trees such as oak and ash, we thought a grass roof would be a very appropriate roof finish to help the log house blend in even more with its surrounding.

After researching the idea further we found several possible suppliers of sedum living roofs and eventually went with one who would provide both the sedum blanket and the under felting with a 25 year guarantee.

Meetings were held with the supplier and their local installer about a year before the roof eventually went on, but that did not avoid a few technical hitches on the way, most of which centre around the fact that putting sedum on a sloping roof is unusual in this country so not many people have experience of what is involved. See the blog for more details!

Cost wise we were surprised that the sedum roof with all the supporting technology would end up as expensive as a high quality tile roof. So this is not a cheap option if it is done properly.

If you are thinking of installing a sedum roof and have any questions, particularly if it is going to go on a sloping roof feel free to comment via an appropriate blog entry and we will get back to you.