Aug 16 2008

Central Vacuum System

central-vacuum-unit.jpg We’ve been intending to fit this since the early house designs were drawn up. We saw it in a friends self build in Cornwall and could see the advantages. A 5 metre length of hose is all you need to carry around when cleaning the house. 5 or 6 “sockets” enable you to plug the hose into the sockets, which are linked via piping through the house to this unit which will live in the utility room. Pushing the hose in the socket automatically switches the unit on and it vents it’s exhaust to the outside of the house. We will be having engineered floors throughout most of the house with the exception of the tiled “wet” areas and a duct that fits into the plinth of the kitchen units will be ideal to just brush the floor, touch the duct and the dust is sucked away, without even getting the flexible hose out.

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