Aug 20 2008

Comfort Cooling Pipe Work

comfort-cooling-cold-air-feeds-18th-aug.jpg The cold return pipework on the comfort cooling system needs to be insulated. So conventional plastic 125mm diameter pipework gets  a sleeve made of thin bubblewrap with metal outer skin slipped over it. Joints are taped with the self adhesive metal tape used for a variety of ducting work on houses.

Here you can see one pipe coming into the ceiling of a bedroom, and another pipe on it’s way down to the lounge. This pipe will be hidden in a “fitted cupboard” as will the warm air pick up from the lounge which is at the other end of the cupboard.

You can also see the white overflow pipe which goes up to the chiller to allow any condensation in the chiller to be removed. This has a small trap (u bend) under the chiller. 

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