Mar 10 2009

Electrical Fittings in the Log House

We are on the home run now, but there seems an ever increasing amount of detail to be done. Fortunately we got all our electrical fittings sorted and ordered some months back so they can all now be put in place.

electrical-sockes-and-central-vacuum-socket.jpg Here are some of our lovely Hamilton switches being set in place. We have a brushed chrome or stainless theme throughout the house and here are 13 amp sockets, TV and Cat 5.

electrical-sockets-complete-with-front-plates.jpg And here they are with their face plates on. We like the clean crisp styling.

electrical-fitting-light-switch-showing-hamilton-logo.jpg And in case you want to see, here is the back of a light switch as it goes in. This one is cut into the log face inside the house.

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