Jan 25 2009

Fitting out the bathrooms

bathroom-lights.jpg Well the lights are now up in the bathroooms, and we have got the tiling done and the bath in. Not so many entries at the moment as the detail work takes much longer than the earlier “first fix” type activities. Lots of head scratching and deciding exactly how we want things.

bathroom-tile-layout.jpg It takes a lot of planning to get tiling looking as if it has been planned rather than put on after the event. In a perfect world you make sure the length of your tile runs match the size of the tiles you are using. Laying your tiles out before hand can help decide which patterned tile goes where and makes sure you don’t get any nasty surprises when the tiling is finished.

bathroom-sink-wall-tiling.jpg With this tiling behind a vanity unit which is supporting two sinks we were able to adjust the studs in the wall to take two cupboards that will be set into the wall, and site over the two sinks. The vanity unit is made on site and therefore can be made to suit the tiles. The cupboards are also being made to suit so we should end up with a nice symmetrical layout when it is all finished.

 bathroom-tile-layout-on-bath.jpg We tried to make the layout of the picture tiles on the bathroom wall irregular, but couldn’t get it to look right so went for three lines. It’s a bit boring, but sometimes you can’t get everything how you imagine it can be.

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