Jan 18 2009

Fixing a hole where the rain gets in!

We continue to struggle with leaks on the most exposed south side of the house. We are blessed with a number of windy and wet days, punctuated by dry days, so we can continue our detective work with the mastic gun or gaffer tape.

 log-knot-leaks-five.jpg This knot on a header above the double doors looked suspect, so it gets the usual plugging treatment.

log-knot-leaks-six.jpg In goes the glue which is plugged with a Western Red Cedar dowel shaped by hand with the chisel.

 log-knot-leaks-seven.jpg This electrical cable for an outside light above the doors looked relatively well gunked up, but it lets masses of water in, we think! So to remove this from the equation of water sitting on the top of the door frame inside the house we make up a plywood plate with a very small hole for the cable.

log-knot-leaks-eight.jpg This is sealed and screwed in place. We will wait for more rain to see what these mods do. Of course the plate will be removed when the external light is fitted, and this will cover up the cable exit in the log, but we need to isolate the causes of the leaks before internal architrave can be fitted.

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