Nov 8 2008

Floor Levelling with Latex and Marking Out!

We have recently discovered that it is very important to make sure that we know where the underfloor heating pipes cut across joists. We will be fitting solid oak floors in most rooms and these will be secret nailed into the joists. So there is the risk that an underfloor pipe could get nailed if we don’t know exactly where these cut outs are.

floor-marking-for-latex.jpg┬áSometimes it is not possible to see where the cut out’s in the joists are once the latex has been applied. So using the wall faces as a datum, we now make a drawing of the pipe cut out’s prior to latexing and then mark the positions with a permanent marker on the latex once it has dried. We also took the precaution of recording all the pipe layouts on camera before we put the pug screed in so this is helpful too for the first floors where we forgot to make a drawing in this way.

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