Sep 9 2008

Heat Recovery System Pipework, – Joining up the last fiddly bits

heat-recovery-in-bends.jpg Our house has a roof angle of around 22 degrees. Standard heat recovery system pipework comes with 45 degree or 90 degree bends so something flexible was needed to join vertical runs coming off the top of the heat recovery unit that go across the top of the house by passing through the rafter space. These runs have to be made with insulated pipe because as the pipe goes into a cold space above the sheepswool insulation there is a risk of condensation if the air has sufficient moisture in it.

So on our last visit to CVC ( we got a short length of flexible Aluminium ducting, some worm drive clips and some bubblewrap and aluminium foil insulating sleeve and assembled it, using the foil tape to secure the outer insulation. Here’s one we prepared earlier.


This then slid into position a treat and bends nicely to fit into the busy space between the rafters. The Aluminium pipe needs a white plastic connector on the end to enable it to fit into the 125mm white plastic pipe coming up from the Heat Recovery Unit.


The giant worm drive clips supplied are really easy to use compared to a conventional clip of this sort.

heat-recovery-jubilee-clip.jpg They have a hinging screw, so in a confined space you don’t have to spend ages doing them up, just close the clip as much as you can by hand, swing the hinging screw into position to engage the pierced stainless steel band on the screw thread and tighten the last bit with a screw driver.


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    September 10th, 2008 at 7:16 am

    Dear Sirs

    It has come to our notice that your website illustrates hose clips which are clearly not of our manufacture and which are nevertheless described as JUBILEE clips.

    For very many years L Robinson and Company (Gillingham) Limited have been the owners of the well known registered trade mark JUBILEE for hose clips and as such we have the exclusive right to use that mark in the context of hose clips. It is therefore unlawful for any unauthorised party to use JUBILEE when referring to hose clips unless such clips are of our manufacture.

    You will appreciate that the trademark JUBILEE is of considerable value to us and in the circumstances we simply cannot allow it to be misused. We must therefore ask you to make immediate arrangements to correct your website (and any other material which needs correction) by removal of the word JUBILEE. This can be replaced by a reference to the manufacturer’s name and/or to a generic description such as “worm drive clips” or “hose clips”. Failure to carry out this request will mean we have no alternative but to place the matter in the hands of our Trade Mark Attorneys, Withers & Rogers.

    This is an important matter and we ask for immediate confirmation that you have complied with our request.

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