Jan 29 2009

Laundry Chute in the log house

laundry-chute.jpg This was something we had been planning for a long time. If we could, we would have engineered a dumb waiter! Nothing wrong with elements of Victorian design creeping into a contemporary house.

We cut a hole in the ceiling of the utility room so that small items of laundry could be passed down to a cupboard ready for wash day. Hooking it up so that it can be accessed on the landing at the top of the stairs was reasonably easy but did mean we had to steal some space from one of the bedrooms.

laundry-chute-one.jpg Firstly we cut a similar hole in the wall, and then lined it with some cut down architrave.

laundry-chute-two.jpg Then we prepared the back for a lining and a cover. More next week.

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