Jul 27 2009

Laundry Chute is finished at last on the log house

At last one of our wacky ideas is finished and has been made compliant with the current building regulations.

laundry-chute-five Whilst a laundry chute might seem a simple enough idea, it does in theory provide an excellent route for a fire downstairs to spread into the upper floor.

laundry-chute-six So a fire retarding “flap” was required. We achieved this with 3/4 inch thick oak (made out of two pieces of surplus oak skirting) and then edged it with intumescent strip.

laundry-chute-seven-edge-strip This is a close up of the furry strip which melts and seals the edge for around 30 minutes in the event of extreme heat. It is commonly available from builders merchants in handy little packs of a few strips a couple of feet long.

One Response to “Laundry Chute is finished at last on the log house”

  1. Kim Hull wrote

    July 15th, 2010 at 11:25 am

    Hi Rob,

    Sorry for the delay, most of our replies these days are spam trying to sell viagra. As a self builder you will know one has no time for that. I can confirm that the strip was the only thing that we were required to fit, but check with your building control person who will presumably visit you at key stages of the construction.

    Our laundry chute goes into the utility room and is brilliant, the kids love it so it solves the messy piles of dirty clothes issue.

    Good Luck