Aug 20 2008

Loft insulation using Sheeps Wool

sheeps-wool-stack.jpg We thought long and hard about what to use for this, and eventually decided to go for sheeps wool insulation. It needs to be about half as thick again as conventional insulation such as Cellotex, costs about 15-20% more, so about £200 plus VAT in our case.

The web site of the people we bought it from, pretty much convinced us that it had so many advantages over conventional materials the small extra cost was irrelevant. It is treated with Borax to protect it against moths and insects and this also gives it greater fire retardance, but has no other chemicals in it, and “breathes” as well as insulating, so avoids the risk of moisture becoming trapped and creating mould.

sheeps-wool-arrives.jpg Here is the sheeps wool arriving in the lorry! It’s very light and easy to handle, in fact quite fun to through around!

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