May 12 2008

Log end details in door ways

Although we have put in most of the electrical conduit into the logs as they were being stacked like lego, in some places we could not get the 1″ plastic conduit in close to a door for a light switch or similar because of steel tensioning rods etc. So the house manufacturers suggest you run cables behind the steel channels  that are set in to the ends of the logs using a chain saw, and drill horizontally across to where the switch is to go. You then chop out the log to set the switch box into the log. Here’s how it looks.

wall-electrics.jpg Here’s the end of the wall with the steel channel removed.

wall-electrics-close-up.jpg  Here’s a close up of the wiring going up into the wall socket and then upwards

wall-electrics-into-conduit.jpg into the conduit we have already placed during the log stack upwards to the next floor. 

log-wall-steel-channel.jpg And here is the steel channel back in place ready for the door lining and the door to be put in.

In this case we are wiring for an external light on balconies but the principle can be used for a variety of reasons.

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