Nov 12 2008

Low Energy Lighting for the log house

The latest building regulations require all new houses have to have a certain amount of the lighting installed as low energy, with low energy light fittings so that conventional bulbs cannot be fitted later.

lighting-board.jpg In order to establish what lighting option we wanted in the bathrooms, our freindly electrician rigged up a board with three low energy and one led type of light suitable for using in damp environments.

 lighting-board-on-test.jpg This was very helpful as it avoided that popular mistake of buying by appearance. We were able to put the test board up in a bathroom in the dark, and then select each light individually to see how much light it gave. There was a clear winner and we will put some information about this on the blog soon.

One Response to “Low Energy Lighting for the log house”

  1. Anna wrote

    December 5th, 2008 at 10:21 am

    Hello Kim,

    It’s very interesting following your build – we are also doing a selfbuild and things are progressing slowly and not always in the same order as you. But what do I know…

    We have also been trying out a selection of low energy bulbs and haven’t come across an obvious winner, so very interested to hear your results.

    Hi Anna,
    The box that the lights that we selected for the bathrooms says they are ALTO AL6236, small sealed compact flourescent recessed downlight with integral electronic ballast and lamp, 240V 10W. Hope this helps