Nov 14 2008

“Octagon and Dot” tiling for the log house

When you are starting a self build you often see things you like during the preparation for the build. If they are on special offer, particularly clearance stocks, it’s a good idea to buy them. We got these Octagon and dot tiles from Porcelanosa for just £10 per square metre which is about a third of their normal price, because they were being discontinued. They have been waiting in our shed for over a year, but we are very pleased with them and it was an easy choice to buy them as we both agreed they looked good! With the tiling being done we are beginning to see the end in site.

floor-tiling.jpg You can lay this style of tile either square to the walls or on the diagonal as we have done here. We layed a number of tiles out in each orientation first to decide which way we preferred. The diagonal way is more work for the tiler as there is more cutting to do, so takes more time and costs a bit more.

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