Jul 17 2008

Rain Water Harvesting further developement

rain-water-harvesting-water-and-electrical-connections-16th-july-2008.jpg So now we have to put the submersible pump in place and the water level sensor. These come in the kit which cost £2,600 plus VAT. It has probably cost the same amount to put the tank in the ground and concrete it in so it will be a long time before we get our money back at current water charges. However with the long term picture of every supply into a house being upwards in price it could be less than we think.

The tank came with two holes on one side, and the inlet and outflow sides for the main 110mm pipe clearly marked. Checking with the technical department of the suppliers it did not matter which way we fed the water in, but as the outflow was bonded in the tank at a slightly different height to the inlet, we decided to put it that way round, fibre-glass up the existing two holes and create new ones on the other side.

We have two holes for the pump and level sensor, one for the 1″ pump fed pipe feeding to the header tank in the house and we are putting in a 1.25″ pipe over towards one of our large farm sheds (as in – “one we prepared earlier”) just in case we need to take rain water from a “normal” roof with no risk of organic content.

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