Feb 4 2008

Roof Problems


Work stops for over a week while we try to resolve problems with fitting the roof to the house. So far the log stacking has gone fine, but the North American supplier sub contracted the roof design and supply to a UK supplier, and a communication break down means the roof does not fit the house we have built. The trusses were designed to sit on the logs but the logs have been supplied and assembled to sit higher than the roof designer expected. Meanwhile the crane is on hire doing nothing. We eventually resolve the design with the help of the UK supplier and our building control officer and work should restart in 10 days time once the new trusses and a longer ridge beam arrive. It’s not unusual for this sort of problem to arise when parts of the build are sub-contracted by the prime contractor and at least we are getting the replacement parts from the sub contractor who is only 100 miles away instead of 2,000.

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