Apr 19 2008

Wet weekend idea for sedum roof

roof-sedum-close-up.jpgIt rains again this weekend which is ideal for helping the sedum settle in. Just like the irrigation system, when the sedum has not had any water for a while it is hours before any rain makes it’s way to the guttering. Once it does you get a slow trickly which makes it the ideal roofing cover for our low lying ground to avoid flooding. This will work particularly well with summer storms during dry periods as the sedum will soak up and store most of the water in it’s fleece carpet.

One Response to “Wet weekend idea for sedum roof”

  1. Kim Hull wrote

    December 13th, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    Sorry Kelsey, I have no experience of how bees get on with sedum. You would need to check with sedum suppliers if there are any varieties that bees might work with.

    As far as the sedum thing goes it is more expensive than most tiled rooves but we really like it.